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Tell us about your home.

It would be a privilege to help you in the upcoming sale of your home. Please take 5 minutes to tell us a bit more about your home. The form may seem lengthy, but the time you spend on it now will save us a lot of time and effort once we begin working together.

Section 1: Contact Information and Details
Your Name
Address of property you are selling
Current Mailing Address (if different that property to be sold)
Spouse/Partner's Name (If Applicable)
Section 2: A bit about your home
Every home has a story, Help us sell yours.
You are the expert when it comes to the condition of your home. What do you love about it? It's highly probable that the same things that attracted you to it will be features that the new buyer will love as well. What are the quirks of the house? The more you share, the better we can help you market it to the fullest potential and the closer we can get to a fair market value when recommending pricing for your home.
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Section 3: How can we make this process as smooth as possible for you?
Everyone has their own unique goals. We want to make sure we clearly understand yours so that we can give you the best information to help you sell smart. In a perfect world, what would YOUR ideal selling process look like?
Section 4: Dollars and Cents
By giving us some information about the finances, we will create a personalized net sheet for you that will cover different scenarios and possibilities that could occur. We like surprises on our birthdays but not on our home sales.
Section 5: What information should we prepare? And what have you already heard?
Please look at the following topics or questions below and rank them in terms of what we need to explain a bit better. 1 star means you would love to be more knowledgeable in the subject, and 5 stars mean that you feel very comfortable with the subject and our advice/recommendations would be a bit repetitive.
It's time to meet our team!
We're excited to get to meet you in order to develop the best plan, marketing campaign, and pricing for your current goals. Tell us a bit more about what is convenient for you.
Thank You!
Thank you so much for investing this time in your home selling process. The information provided here will be invaluable to us in helping determine the proper pricing, marketing, and sales strategy for your home. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and our team will be in touch to get our appointment scheduled soon!

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