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Donít Make These Home Selling Mistakes

Brace Helgeson

Home prices in the Twin Cities metro region are continuing to increase, and more sellers are putting their homes on the market. If you plan to sell your Minneapolis home in the near future here are few home selling mistakes to avoid.

The biggest mistake that sellers make is overpricing their home. If you are home is overpriced in the market it reflects more about you than it does your home. It is a great thing to value your investment; it reflects that you have cared for your home and maintained it. However, if your home priced too high when compared to other similar homes in the area, it can appear to be unrealistic. The expertise of an experienced Realtor, such as myself, can allow you to price your home competitively and fairly in todayís market.

When looking for a new home buyers shop within a certain price range that they feel comfortable in.While online if your home is priced over what they can afford they may miss seeing it being advertised as it is out of their price range.

Buyers also feel that it is easier to negotiate the price of their future home if the original asking price is in their target range. Overpricing your home will not necessarily draw in a more affluent buyer either. Those buyers who are able to afford your home will compare it to others in the same price range, and they will find that there are more options available to them at the same price.

If you start with your home overpriced you may have some traffic, but if there are not any offers you will have to lower the price of your home. As a result you wonít see buyers jumping to put an offer in as the home has seen a price reduction.

The quickest way to sell your Twin Cities home is to make a good first impression by pricing your home at a fair and reasonable price. If you are looking to buy or sell a home this winter contact me. Our group specializes in Eden Prairie Real Estate,Chanhassen Real Estate,Chaska Real Estate,Lake Minnetonka Real Estate,Edina Real Estateand West Bloomington Real Estate.

Brace Helgeson Coldwell Banker Burnet

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