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The Hottest Trends in Home Remodeling

Ryan Platzke

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are benefits you canít ignore: remodeling boosts your homeís value, plus youíre one step nearer to having your dream house. 2017ís trendiest wave of home remodeling features enjoys a wide range: from upping your homeís profile using smart technology, to styling a backyard paradise and much more.

Explore the options below to learn about this yearís hottest home remodeling projects that will not only increase your homeís value, but will also give you plenty of reasons to stay in and relish your own private kingdom.

1.Curating Your Entry Area
In todayís social media landscape dominated by lifestyle bloggers and home décor gurus, design trends have a life of their own. That said, itís no surprise wonder that design-minded entryway areas are prime to strike a fashionable first impression. Combine the functionality of the front hallóminimalist coat racks, funky doormats, and industrial chic shoe storageódoesnít have to be completely utilitarian or uninteresting. There are plenty of design-conscious options in todayís stores that can help you express your taste at the front door, bringing the best of form and function to your homeís debut.

2.Introducing Smart Technology
Keeping your home up-to-date with emerging tech trends can add serious dollar value to your home, while making your space completely customizable. Products like smart thermostats and security options that sync right to your phone, to voice-activated refrigerators and in-wall home sensors that detect damageóthe marketplace is revolving around new tech options. Homebuilders cheer water damage sensors, and a video-optimized doorbell instills a sense of security. Todayís smart appliances add a luxurious flare to your gourmet kitchen area, while living rooms and bedrooms with built-in Bluetooth speakers create an immersive ambiance.

3.The Luxury of a Bath Suite
Indulgent tubs and waterfall showers are all the rage across social media. Luxurious touches with character like a claw foot tub or a walk-in shower give spa finishes to a en suite bathroom. Though the typical shower/tub combination has dominated for its efficiency, homeowners relish value-adding lux amenities. Bathrooms are no longer considered an afterthought, and instead a true design opportunity. Sleek light fixtures, multiple jets and handheld options in a standing shower, or unique tiles and patterns rule the roost of todayís bathroom remodel trends.

Though trends inevitably shift over time, investing in your home through modern touches and considered renovations add steep value to your homeís bottom line. Remember these ideas mind to afford your home the personal, contemporary flair it deserves.

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