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Making the Most of Minnesota’s Winter Months

Brace Helgeson

When the winter months roll in, it can be hard to stay motivated during those shortened daylight hours and through those long, cold nights. How do you maintain momentum even as the winter doldrums make their mark? When it comes to real estate,the winter months can offer a rare opportunity to take a proactive approach to home maintenance, decluttering, and cleaning in preparation for sale comes spring and summer. Here are a few ideas that are sure to keep you busy and moving actively toward your move-out during the selling season.

Your Twin Cities Market Updating for February 2018

Brace Helgeson

At the end of January, the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors released their 2017 Annual Report, detailing the ebbs and flows of the Twin Cities’ racing real estate market, as well as how things fared on the national level. According to the report, home sales nearly broker their all-time record, despite inventory options lagging behind red-hot demand. Days on the market also plummeted to an eleven-year low—yet another sign that Twin Cities buyers aren’t deterred by a steady climb in home prices. Multiple offers have become the norm, which makes for a great return on investment when selling in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, and in its suburban communities.

Making Wise Real Estate Moves During Wintertime

Brace Helgeson

Sure, the spring and summer seasons get all the credit when it comes to the major moves of buying or selling a home. But did you know that there’s still plenty of proactive measures you can take during the winter months in order to maintain your home’s value or prepare for a sale in the months to come? Plus, plenty of people relocate or make moves during the winter months, so if you’re aiming to sell a home—don’t be deterred by the colder temperature. There are still meaningful steps you can take to bolster your home’s value and attract sellers during the picture-perfect snowy season. 

Weatherproofing Your Minnesota Home This Winter

Brace Helgeson

Here in the Twin Cities area, winter is already in full swing, but it’s not too late to take on some weekend tasks to safeguard your home against the seasonal cold. Without breaking the bank, there are plenty of steps you can take to not only make your home cozier, but also save on utility bills, too. Take a look below for a few winning ideas. 

Your Twin Cities Weekend Events Guide

Ryan Platzke
Don’t let the winter blues take hold! Instead, venture into the greater Minneapolis area for various events around town. From taking in a theatrical production in the heart of downtown, to a chance to see natural phenomenon up close in Eden Prairie, stretch your legs and shake off the winter doldrums this January as you plan fun events for the whole family this weekend