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Your Twin Cities Area Events Guide: December 15th to December 17th

Ryan Platzke

The Minneapolis area has long been known as an epicenter of great art. Culture abounds in the Twin Cities, from amazing restaurants, world-class museums, and events that are unforgettable. Whether you live in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, or call the center of it all your home, consider spending a weekend walking gallery and museum halls, unwinding with a dose of artistry as we head into the holiday season rush. With that in mind, we’ve outlined a few great exhibitions and shows on view to take the family, a date, or head out solo for a weekend of fun.

The Modern Homebuyer: Purchasing a Home with Student Debt

Ryan Platzke

As they grow older, more and more millennials are eyeing the housing market. Here in the Twin Cities, as growth continue to skyrocket, more people want a piece of the real estate pie. However, one the toughest hurdles when it comes to buying a home is student debt, an increasingly common issue. 

Your Twin Cities Weekend Events Guide: November 24 to November 26

Ryan Platzke

Fresh off the Thanksgiving season, you may have family visiting town, or you’re enjoying a few days of rest before heading back into the workweek. With that in mind, here are few ways you can get out of the house and explore the Minneapolis area, do some shopping, get a breath of brisk fresh air—and have fun all the while. 

What to Expect When Selling Your Home

Brace Helgeson
Selling a home often seems like a daunting prospect, and there is certainly plenty of planning and preparation involved in the process. As real estate agents, selling a home is part of our regular routine. As a homeowner however, selling your property can feel like an overwhelming, near-impossible undertaking—but it doesn’t have to be.  

Your Twin Cities Weekend Events Guide: November 10th to November 12th

Brace Helgeson

Here in the Twin Cities region, from Eden Prairie to the heart of downtown, there’s plenty to do no matter the season. From thought-provoking art exhibitions to outdoor athletic excursions, no matter what your tastes may be, the diversity of recreation in the Twin Cities makes it the perfect place to buy a home. Take a look at some of this weekend’s most promising events here in Eden Prairie and beyond.

3 Repairs Most Minnesota Homeowners Are Not Prepared For

Ryan Platzke

Once you unpack the last moving box, the fun begins—right? Even if you complete your due diligence during the home-buying process, sometimes costly and time-consuming repairs can sneak up on you. What’s a newly homeowner to do? First, equip yourself with information and you might avoid calamity. Keep an eye out for these three common but costly repair issues that sometimes befall homeowners.