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Go Wireless: Embracing Home Technology

Ryan Platzke

These days, most people don’t leave the house without their smartphone in tow. More and more, "smart” technology is revolutionizing even the most mundane household staples—from Bluetooth enabled washer and dryer sets to digital doorbells. If you aren’t keeping tabs on home technology trends, you may miss out on simple ways to streamline maintenance, security, and amenities in your own home. Likewise, these tech-forward features are huge value-adds if you plan on listing your property in the next few years. Millennial homebuyers in particular are in search for smart-optimized homes that make life a little easier. Let’s take a look at some of the leading smart-home trends out there and how to embrace the big wave of wireless technology coming to homes everywhere.

Your Weekend Guide for Things to Do in Minneapolis: May 11th to May 13th

Brace Helgeson

It seems the worst of the weather is finally behind us, so it’s time to shake off the last of the winter doldrums and spring snowstorms and head out in this bustling region we call home. If you’re not sure how to hammer out your schedule this weekend, keep a few of these ideas in mind as you brainstorm your next hangout, date, or solo outing here in the Twin Cities region.

Your Minneapolis Area Real Estate Report for May 2018

Brace Helgeson

As Spring begins its transformation to summer, the real estate market here in the greater Minneapolis region is picking up steam. After an unusually cold spring, the markets in Mach and April cooled just slightly, with sellers listings 17.5% fewer homes in the month of March. While this is sometime par for the course during the colder winter months, this decline is also in part to low inventory. As the weather brightens, however, new construction will roar back to life and hopefully provide a few more options for aspiring buyers in the Twin Cities marketplace.

Ready to Move? 3 Tips for Packing, Moving, and Storing Efficiently

Ryan Platzke

Moving is one of life’s most common yet stressful milestones. There are a million details to account for, and even the best laid plans can go awry. As real estate professionals, we work often with clients who fear the stress of the moving process. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider a few ideas that can help you simplify the process as you close one chapter and begin a new one.

Fun Things to Do in Minneapolis, Spring 2018

Ryan Platzke

You don’t have to look very far to find entertainment in the Twin Cities area. Whether you’re a recreationalist who loves the great outdoors, or you’re a comedy nerd always on the hunt for the next best set—there’s bound to be something to do that’ll tickle your funny bone or fulfill your Friday. Here, we’ve assembled a few ways to spend your free time this spring in the greater Twin Cities region—from cost-friendly date nights that bring you downtown, to tight knit local offerings that’ll keep you connected to your neighborhood.